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We offer a variety of window repair services that meet your specific needs.

Window Balance Replacement:

If your windows are difficult to open or do not like to stay open by themselves, then more than likely the window balances are at fault. We can identify what is needed and replace them so you have a fully functional and safe window to enjoy

Window Track Replacement:

Older windows generally have aluminum, wooden, or vinyl tracks that the window sashes slide up and down on. A lot of times those tracks wear out and the windows are difficult to open and close. We have a retro fit vinyl replacement track that works off of tension and has no moving parts so it won’t bend, crack, or wear out like the older style tracks do. It is also an economical way to update your windows without replacing them which can get very costly.

Window Latches, Stops, Guides:

No matter what type of latches, stops, guides, or any other part your windows may need, we can find the exact replacement or a perfect substitute to make sure your windows working safely and efficiently.

Window glass sash replacement:

Unfortunately window glass gets broken sometimes under the most unique and unplanned circumstances. We provide affordable window glass replacement for all window types. Insulated glass, double pane glass, single pane glass. No matter what type, we can replace it.

Window glazing:

Older windows with single pane glass usually have window glazing that becomes brittle and falls off the windows. This can lead to an unstable window and outside elements can penetrate the window and find its way indoors. We provide window glazing service to make sure your windows are in tip top shape.

Newer windows usually rely on rubber or vinyl window glazing. Over time the glazing becomes brittle and cracks. This compromises your windows efficiency and can allow outside elements to get on the inside. We offer replacement rubber and vinyl window glazing to insure your windows stay as efficient as possible.

Rotten Window Sill and Trim Repair and Replacement:

Wooden windows can get rotten and sometimes the cost of replacing is not affordable. Let us take a look at your windows if they are rotten. We have many techniques to remove the rotten wood and put hardeners and fillers to stop the rotting process which offers an affordable way to keep your existing windows.

Window Security Devices

Windows are the easiest way for burglars to get into your home. We offer a wide selection of devices to make sure your windows are tamper proof. We can recommend the right hardware to keep you safe.

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